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Join the Robinson Revolution – Creative Education

By June 19, 2014ACEG, Creativity, Video

There are unlimited forms that a person can take. Body contours, intellectual construction and personality all contribute to a person’s ultimate ‘shape’. With this in mind, now imagine a spherical container. You must fit a cubic object inside that container. In order to do this you must squeeze, compress and reshape the original object into something uncomfortable and unnatural. It becomes an object with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, and one which will never quite function as a sphere or a cube. Similarly, take a child who is naturally a ‘creative shape’, not a plain circle or square, and sit them in a classroom and force them to work in a conventionalised manner. While children are not inanimate objects that you can squeeze and compress without a struggle, they must eventually submit and then what will you be left with? A shapeless human, ill fitted to any purpose.

This experience of the school system is what prompted Sir Ken Robinson to begin the revolution against cookie-cutter schooling. It was Robinson’s talk ‘How Schools Kill Creativity’, in 2006, that prompted Husband and Wife, Lewis and Melissa Quaye to start up ACEG, a company that follows the ethos of an individualised creative education for children in schools. The future is unpredictable, and so we need to acknowledge that the only way to prepare children for it is to educate them in a way which enables them to deal with the challenges they will face in the future.  We need to keep creativity alive.

Here at ACEG we believe that something needs to change, and are taking steps to encourage a new approach to education that does not dim a single child’s distinct light.

So, are you with us?

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson’s inspirational talk about a more creative education system.


  • Lewis says:

    Great blog article Frances! I still watch this video every now and then to remind us why we are doing this. I really like the phrase ‘Cookie cutter schooling’. I’m going to use that in my chats with people. Love the analogy too. It makes me think about my own schooling. I think I had to fight to keep my individuality. I didn’t always do it in the right way. Misbehaviour and poorly directed humour often led to detentions after school. Mind you, I don’t know if I knew another way at the time. I’m glad I fought for it though. I would have spent a long time looking for it otherwise. Food for thought hey!

    • Thank you Lewis! I’m glad you felt you could relate, and I think that it is something that will unfortunately spark negative memories of school days for many people. All we can hope is that one day, there will be a generation of people who have memories of their school days being the time when they discovered their talents and were encouraged to become brilliant individuals, rather than over examined in standardisation. Definitely given us all something to think about!

  • Lewis says:


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