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Take by Propellerhead: A Creative Vocal Recorder for iPhone

By May 15, 2015Art, Creativity, Music, Video

Yet again the crew over at Propellerhead have created a world class app for budding song writers, beat-makers and producers a like.  This new creation allows for frictionless recording of musical ideas.  I’ve used this app for the past week and I have found the UI to wonderfully user friendly.  A great tool to have in your pocket while you wait for your partner to return from the shop (she alway’s takes far too long in my opinion).

The beauty of ‘Take’ is that you are encouraged to create the sound.  Often with humorous and joyous results.  Especially if you put the app in the hands of your little ones.

Get inspired, record your ideas and share your music at a click of a button.

View the website here

Check out this other great video…


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