Our instruments

Piano lessons

Some say the Piano is the mother of all instruments.  It certainly is great.  Our Piano lessons are fun with lots of room for creativity.  All our teachers use modern technology to enrich the lessons.  We don’t believe in a ‘one way fits all’ approach.

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Guitar lessons

The guitar is one of those instruments you can travel with.  Try taking a piano on the bus!  All our guitar lessons are tailored to each pupil.  Enthusiasm levels are kept high through the music of music technology.  Fancy learning to play?

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Ukulele lessons

Did you know Elvis Presley played the Ukulele?  The ‘Uke’ is a great instrument to learn.  It’s fun and you can start playing a tune straight away.  All our Ukulele lessons are delivered in a way to suit the pupils learning style.

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If you are interested in talking to us about instrument tuition in your school please get in touch.

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